Dixcart Air Marine assists clients with the registration of yachts, ships or aircraft in a number of different jurisdictions.

Our team of experienced professionals across the various Dixcart offices, provide a complete service for clients. Professionalism, coupled with practical experience, help guarantee a smooth process for our clients and enables them to access a range of attractive measures that are available in the different jurisdictions.

Dixcart Air Marine can coordinate the purchase and/or ownership of yachts, ships or aircraft. To maximise the benefits, we should ideally be involved as early as possible – as soon as the thought of owning the asset has occurred to the client.


Yachts offer an attractive choice for high net worth individuals and their families.

As with any valuable asset, the ownership structure must be carefully considered and the jurisdiction in which the yacht is to be registered is also very important. The flag chosen for registration is one of the most important decisions. Dixcart has extensive expertise in registering yachts in a variety of jurisdictions where we have offices in order to help simplify the process.


The nationality of a ship allows the vessel to travel internationally and the registration will determine which country the ship sails under and which laws it is subject to. Different jurisdictions offer a number of tax and commercial advantages for the registration of ships. Research, planning and the right professional advice will help you make the right decision.



The choice of jurisdiction in which to register an aircraft is extremely important. The most appropriate and beneficial jurisdiction will depend on the particular circumstances and the specific objectives that the owner of the aircraft wishes to achieve. We can help you select the right location for the registration of your aircraft.