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The choice of jurisdiction in which to register an aircraft is extremely important.

The most appropriate and beneficial jurisdiction will depend on the particular circumstances and the specific objectives that the owner of the aircraft wishes to achieve.

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Choosing the right Jurisdiction

Dixcart can provide advice regarding the most tax efficient ownership structures. We will then incorporate the appropriate ownership vehicle and undertake the ongoing corporate management and administration, as well as coordinating the registration of the aircraft.

Dixcart can provide advice on the jurisdictional advantages and the tax and commercial efficiencies available in a number of jurisdictions, which include:

Dixcart has extensive experience in coordinating the registration of an aircraft and has an office in each of the above jurisdictions, which helps to facilitate organisation of the registration process.


Dixcart has extensive experience in importing an aircraft into the EU. We assist from the outset by undertaking the preparation work in advance and assisting with customs clearance procedures and VAT, if required.


Where you choose to register your aircraft is an important consideration and should be based on how and where the aircraft will be used. We can establish the ownership structure in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Corporate Structuring

Dixcart Air Marine provides several accounting and secretarial services, from directorship to filing of appropriate returns, VAT and tax advice.

Full Service List

  • Assistance with the registration of the aircraft and importation of the aircraft into the EU, including the necessary customs arrangements
  • Establishment of the most efficient holding structure
  • Advice regarding a variety of tax advantages available, including advice on added tax and corporate tax
  • Implementation of special purpose vehicles, to hold the assets
  • Administration and management of day-to-day operations
  • Accounting and secretarial services, including monitoring costs, budgets and cash flow in relation to assets
  • Costings, budgeting, and statutory obligations
  • Additional services, such as directorships or the provision of corporate office holders
  • Liaison with other VAT offices and agents in other jurisdictions, and expertise on import and export formalities
  • Assistance with crewing in terms of the drafting and organisation of appropriate contracts and coordination of the payroll